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Sodium Bicarbonate (“Baking Soda”) has a long and established history. In 3500 BC, Egyptians used Natron, which was primarily made of Sodium Carbonate. ... Home » Sodium Bicarbonate: The UserFriendly Blasting Abrasive. Restoration Zone ... Commonsense safety guidelines that operators should also observe include using only purposebuilt ...

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ARMEX® has a network of authorized distributors worldwide that sell portable and contained sodablasting equipment systems, parts and accessories as well as the full line of ARMEX® Blast …

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equipment, particularly for protection of eyes, hearing and breathing. the toxicity of the coatings to be removed must be considered to determine the proper selection of safety equipment. 2. do not modify or alter any accustrip system®, blast equipment or controls witout written consent from axxiom manufacturing, inc. the

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ARMEX is the original baking soda based abrasive. In 1985 it was Church Dwight Co., Inc. makers o... See More. Community See All. 139 people like this. ... Norton Sandblasting Equipment. Tools/Equipment. ALMAG Aluminum. Metal Supplier. Clear Blast. Business Service. SpongeJet. Product/Service. Trader Magazine. Magazine.

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50 lbs. Armex® Soda Medium Grade Media; Double click on above image to view full picture. ... strip paint and more with this soda blast media! Using soda blast techniques provides the same results as sand blasting for most jobs but with the added bonus of providing easy cleanup and being environmentally friendly. ... shop equipment and hand ...

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• Multiple outlet capability for even greater value per nozzle and the ability to wet blast and dry blast simultaneously from the same system • Easily switch between modes without resetting your settings • Unmatched ease and consistency of water flow setting • Blast at high and low pressures • Wide range of suitable abrasives

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Armex Baking Soda. ARMEX Blast and Cleaning Media are baking soda based abrasives for the cleaning and removal of tough coatings and contaminants that can be used easily, and effectively without disturbing the base material.

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tions has permitted the ARMEX/ACCUSTRIP Although the equipment is important. the real key to the ARMEX/ACCUSTRIP process is the mediaARMEX. Based on sodlum bicarbonate [baking soda). ARMEX Blast Medla is a proprietary inorganic compound (patent pendlng) that is made to Food and Drug Adminlstration and phar macopeia standards.

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Learn More About Armex. ARMEX™ is a brand of the Church Dwight Co., Inc. makers of ARM HAMMER™ products since 1846. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) abrasive blasting originated in 1984 during the restoration project of the Statue of Liberty with the assistance of Church Dwight.

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Soda blasting equipment Soda blasting is a very effective, economical and environmentally friendly method for cleaning, depainting and degreasing numerous sorts of objects. More than 27 years of experience in designing and manufacturing soda blast equipment (using ARMEX soda media) has given Gritco an unrivalled knowhow in successfully ...

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ARMEX® SODA BLASTING SYSTEMS . Soda blasting is a very effective method of cleaning and depainting when one or more of the following three points is important: 1. The surface must absolutely not be roughened, and therefore cannot be treated with other abrasives. 2.


ARMEX can be used in any commercially available soda blasting equipment. Currently there are a number of equipment manufacturers in the , Canada and Europe. There are portable systems, contained cabinet and automated cabinet systems available.

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ARMEX soda blast media. Use the industry's leading baking sodabased abrasive to remove coatings and contaminants without damaging or distorting a wide variety of substrates. Including metal, wood, stone, carbon fiber and even glass.

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About Soda Blast Media Maintenance M 50 Bags . Maintenance M Soda Blast Media is formulated with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) which is a natural, water soluble, inorganic compound with a soft crystalline structure that makes it an ideal, mild abrasive.

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Soda Blast Equipment Page. Armex Baking Soda . Midvale Industries. Midvale provides process solutions for a multitude of industrial applications including surface preparation, coating removal, parts cleaning, foundry supplies and equipment, metal finishing supplies and equipment, and more. Our sales representatives have received several years ...

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ARMEX Baking Soda Blast Media provides a granular, sharp, friable, relatively soft and environmentally benign pH for safe efficient surface preparation. ... Clemco ® Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet Systems, Accustrip Portable Blasting Systems Schmidt Axxiom Soda Blast Equipment.

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Flow aid: ARMEX™ products have been formulated to include flow aids. Baking soda is a natural desiccant and easily absorbs water. If the compressed air is not being filtered for oil and moisture during dry blasting, the soda can clump and clog the blasting equipment. ARMEX™ flow aids help prevent clogging of equipment.