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Builder Profile: EarthQuaker Devices. Michael Ross. September 05, 2012. A A ... No—that confused everyone at first. I was thinking in terms of 8bit sound as opposed to a bit crusher. Maybe I should have saved the name Bit Commander for a bit crusher pedal! [Laughs.]

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Official website for EarthQuaker Devices. We build guitar effects by hand in the quaint landlocked city of Akron, Ohio. Devices; Dealers; ... Legacy Products. The products on this page are no longer in production. ... Disaster Transport. Disaster Transport JR. Dream Crusher.

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EarthQuaker Devices Spires Fuzz Pedal Features at a Glance: Intense fuzz effects for electric guitar Green channel is based on the 1968 Rosac Electronic NuFuzz Red channel is the same as EarthQuaker's discontinued Dream Crusher fuzz. Get the EarthQuaker Devices Spires pedal for legendary fuzz tone.

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This device is true bypass and uses relay based “soft touch” switching. Audio will not pass without power. Channel Switch: Selects between Red (Dream Crusher) and Green (Nu Fuzz) channels Activate Switch: Turns the effect on and off Green Controls Tone: Changes the tonal character of the fuzz. Darker counterclockwise, brighter clockwise.

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Dream Crusher. The Dream Crusher is a germanium fuzz effect designed to make your guitar sound more awesome. There are two simple controls: Fuzz and Level. Fuzz Controls how sweet you want to sound and Level controls how much you want other people to hear how sweet you sound.

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EarthQuaker Devices Spires Fuzz Doubler The Spires was born as a successor to the old Rosac Nu Fuzz pedal and our discontinued Dream Crusher. The green channel, emulating the Nu Fuzz, is fullon fuzz all the time and uses crude wide range tone control to change the character from big and warm to sizzling and blown out.

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EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher Review I used pedal with my American Deluxe Stratocaster with SCN1 pickups and basically; if, a pedal sounds good with this guitar, then it will sound good with any guitar. jaw crusher earthquake

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EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher. Sold Out. Item 13136. ... If being extra rad isn’t your thing, bring it all back down to zero and rip in silence. Your call chief. Earthquaker Devices also recommend placing it first in your signal chain and before any buffered pedals for optimal awesomeness. Measures.

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(20100924) Earthquaker Devices Dream Crusher guitar effects pedal demo by Gearmanndude (20110211) Earthquaker Devices Dream Crusher Fuzz Demo by Fat Tone Guitars (20110412) EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher Fuzz by EarthQuaker Devices (20110424) Earthquaker Devices Dream Crusher by JetCityMusic

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EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V3, Guitar Effect £ 210,EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Reverb V2, Guitar Effect £ 219,EarthQuaker Devices Colby Fuzz, Guitar Effect £ 185,EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master V2, Guitar Effect £ 199,EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2, Guitar Effect £ 282,EarthQuaker Devices Gray Channel, Guitar ...

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Aqueduct Vibrato Eight Ways to Bend Pitch Forged By EQD Pyramids Stereo Flanger Earthquaker Devices Shake Up Your Sound EarthQuaker Devices ... Let EarthQuaker take all the guesswork out of dialing in the right tone with the Tentacle V2. ... and combined with the discontinued Dream Crusher, Spires offers two channels of fullon fuzz, controlled ...

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Earthquaker Devices Spires Fuzz Doubler The Spires was born from my need to have my big old Rosac Nu Fuzz and our now discontinued Dream Crusher on my pedalboard without... View full product details »

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Feb 26, 2013· EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings Things' started by FuzzFaceJ, Feb 19, 2013. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Feb 19, 2013 1 ... The Dream Crusher sounds better for full on fuzz though, very thick and yet still articulate. LqdSndDist, Feb 23, 2013. LqdSndDist, Feb 23, 2013 14. Feb 23, 2013 15. FuzzFaceJ Member.

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EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher fuzz. DKK ,00. EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher fuzz. Ikke på lager. Varenummer: EQ0026 Kategorier: Effektpedaler, EarthQuaker Devices, Fuzz. Beskrivelse; Beskrivelse. The Dream Crusher is a germanium fuzz effect designed to make your guitar sound more awesome. There are two simple controls: Fuzz and Level.

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Featuring germanium transistors and only two knobs for level and fuzz, the EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher is a versatile fuzz capable of going from a lightlyfuzzed boost to fullon fuzz grit. Based on the classic germanium Fuzz Face, the Dream Crusher is a perfect choice for …