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Secrets to Finding Gold. An educated prospector has a good chance of becoming a successful miner. However, you must be very careful who you are getting your education from. ... I will sell it for you and not charge the normal 10% commission in exchange of your telling me how and where to look for gold, (not where you found this gold). He agreed ...

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Sometimes I get asked, “What should I look for when metal detecting that will tell me there is gold present in the ground?” I always respond that I wish there was a simple, easy answer. The problem is that gold occurs in many types of deposits, and what indicators work great for one type of deposit don’t always work well for another.

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Looking for Gold by Bradford Angier. This is an informative book for anyone interested in gold prospecting. Bradford Angier covers all the basics and more: locations, equipment, laws and regulations, staking and working a claim, even campground grub recommendations.

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Jul 08, 2012· To find gold nuggets, you’ll need to buy a metal detector if you don’t already have one. Next, practice using it in your backyard to find nails, bottle caps, or coins that you hide in the grass. Then, when you’re ready to start looking for gold…

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The gold prospecting and panning maps tell you how to pan for gold, where to look for gold in a streambed and how to tell fool's gold from real gold. You can quickly learn panning by following the gold panning instructions on your map.

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Gold Found in Texas!!! Main Page. TX Gold. Post Messages. Join. Links. Events. Photo Page. Email Us. Meeting Minutes: Here are pictures sent in by prospectors showing off their Texas gold. If you would like to show off your find, click here and send a picture along with details of where and how you found it.

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Gold prospecting is the act of searching for new gold deposits. Methods used vary with the type of deposit sought and the resources of the prospector. Methods used vary with the type of deposit sought and the resources of the prospector.

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A guide to finding gold deposits for prospectors, geologists, rock hounds the novice. Gold prospecting methods that are proven to work. ... Some prospectors look for gold and find nothing, others find a little gold or other treasure: maybe ruby, sapphire, gem …


The best chance to find Gold in these creeks and streams, placer deposits, and near old mines and prospects, is to know where the occurrence of gold has been found. Before you dig or pan for Gold you will need a map to show you where to look. These Gold Maps provide you with past gold mines, placers and prospect sites.

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The following is a list of the ten most important factors likely to affect gold in 2019. I have grouped them under two broad headings, economic developments, and factors affecting gold itself. Possible economic developments to look for. It’s late in the credit cycle, and it appears the end of …

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Know Where to Look for Gold The Southwest is full of promising places to look for some gold. In the southern half of California you can find good streams to work on public lands in that area west of Lake Tahoe, including Placer, El Dorado, Amador and Calaveras counties.

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Not those plastic chips in Vegas or Monaco. The real kind. It’s out there, if you know where to look. Behold, five treasureseeking adventures that probably won’t make you rich, but might just pay for themselves or more. You never know. 1. Gold: Central California "Digging for gold" actually means prolonged squatting and sifting.

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The gold, caught up in the fast moving water, will cascade down the hill looking for the first crack, undercut, or obstruction along the way to sink into. Over the years, more and more freedup gold will collect in these cracks, making for some fine pickings if you are willing to look for them.

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A few articles I have read recently mention some of the best places where you can pan for gold, but many of them are places where you have to pay money to go panning or take mining tours and look at various “touristy” things.

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Recreational Gold Prospecting. Panning for gold is definitely alive and well in Indiana. Gold is not a naturally occurring metal in Indiana. Instead, it was slowly relocated here from Canada by the glaciers. As such, you will not get rich finding gold in Indiana. But gold prospecting is a great hobby that many people and families enjoy.

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Uncommon Places I Have Found Gold. Updated on July 29, 2017. John R Wilsdon. more. ... Ironic that when looking for gold, you may also be looking for something usually considered less than worthless. Culverts typically have ripples inside which help to slow down water. These ripples are similar to riffles on a …