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Shark Solutions. Shark Solutions is a Danish based cleantech market leader focused on giving a new life to postconsumer PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) from windshields and architectural/building glass (laminated glass).We are passionate about this superior raw material and eliminating the need for companies to dispose of it in landfills.

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Year Archive Home » About ... Guardian Automotive Products offers windshield recycling through its distribution centers. Sterling Heights, Mich ... truck, bus and RV windshields and other glass products. Each distribution center carries a fullline of auto glass installation tools, accessories and sundry items for autos and other vehicles ...

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Little Known Facts About Glass and Recycling . Glass is one of our most fascinating and recyclable materials. ... Windshield glass (while also recyclable) must be processed separately since it consists of two layers of glass sandwiched between a PVC membrane. When you recycle one single glass bottle, ...

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Windshields can be recycled. If you’re about to get a windshield repair job, or if you’re scrapping your glass after auto glass installers get to work, consider recycling it. In the last 20 years, technology has made windshield glass recycling possible. Not only is it possible, it’s pretty easy to do.

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Your auto glass service provider should be able to tell you whether your windshield will be recycled or repurposed. Use the auto glass locator service today to book your windshield replacement and learn more about auto glass recycling. Look for the “We Recycle” badge to see which shops are promoting their recycling efforts.

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Glass Recycling Windshield Recycling CRT Recycling Fluorescent Light Recycling Fiberglass Recycling Products Made of Recycled Glass. also delivers detailed price information for individual grades of materials on a daily updated basis.

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These days, Sundholm gets broken windshields from local glass shops, and employs his unique process for recycling the windshields using a patentpending cold formula. After recycling the windshields, Sundholm turns them into a variety of products, including shower enclosures, office walls, dividers and other items.

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Windshield Recycling Guarantee. Only From New England's Largest and Most Respected Auto Glass Company GreenShield® is our commitment to responsibly recycle 100 percent of the windshields we replace. It is the first largescale effort by any auto glass company to recycle and reduce the impact of consumer windshields at the end of their useful ...

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Visit your local recycling center to get tips on how to recycle your old windshield glass. Take a class at your local community college on glassmaking for great recycling ideas. As we become more aware of the hefty landfills all around us, utilizing recycled windshield glass products is a great way to not only help the environment , but to ...

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Shark Glass Recycling North America, LLC. Shark Glass Recycling North America, LLC. was created to partner with leading companies and create an industrial scale solution that focuses on the lack of recycling of windshields and architectural glass in North America.

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When looking for a glass recycling system, the variety of choices can be very confusing. This is one of the reasons we offer a complete line of glass recycling equipment systems, regardless of your budget or the amount of glass material you want to process.

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GLASSGO is the exclusive marketing agent of the Andela Windshield Recycling System. GLASSGO is licensing this new state of the art recycling technology in major population centres across North America. Licenses available to existing recycler's, entrepreneurs and municipalities.

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“Windshield recycling is a win/win – we’re doing the right thing for the environment by keeping windshields out of landfills and we’re helping our customers reduce their waste costs.” Customers of Guardian Automotive’s distribution business can return damaged windshields to …

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Through the patented processes of Shark Solutions, Recycle My Windshield provides a sustainable answer, for the recycling of both the glass and PVB interlayer of the damaged laminated glass. These recycled and reprocessed materials are given a new life as a part of environmentally friendly products.

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Recycling of windshields is more complicated than the recycling of glass bottles because of their design. The windshield is formed from two layers of glass sandwiching a plastic film of PVB (polyvinyl butyral). The reason for this design is twofold.